Pre-sales consulting service

The Custom IT Consulting division advises its customers on the development of IT projects, aiming to maximize their return of investment in technology. This sector’s job is to develop projects with high added value based on a series of models emerging from their own and their tech associates’ track record. To this end, a team of highly qualified professionals provide their consulting expertise in the stages of analysis, design, implementation and support using the best practices in the market.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer some of the following services:

IT Services Unit

The CUSTOM – IT service division is in charge of implementing tech solutions in teamwork with the pre-sales consulting unit. Our customers receive high-quality, reliable services and we become strategic partners in a long-term relationship of shared growth and development. The implementation of procedure-based methodologies plus the knowledge we have gained of the market enable CUSTOM – IT to offer the best response and the best technical service in any scale.

Cloud Services

Cutting-edge unit that offers the latest cloud technologies, allowing our customers to experience the drive and the range of options in the cloud world.

Services are acquired via a monthly subscription, which includes an analysis of the customer’s requirements with a report of resource consumption.

Each case will have a technician assigned, who will be responsible for the management, maintenance and report of the acquired platform.

Sales Unit

Argentina is a country with a prevailing and ever-growing number of small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to offer the best products and services and increase their share in the business, it is essential to be well positioned in the tech world. To that end, CUSTOM – IT has a sales department in charge of supplying products, services and solutions to fit their needs.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to offer the following solutions: